Cabell County Schools announces that teachers will be trained in “diversity” and “inclusion”; plans to establish a “District Equity Scorecard and Dashboard”


Cabell County Schools published a document called the “Superintendent Goals 2021-2022” to explain what the school district’s superintendent planned to accomplish for the school year. The document labeled one goal as “Hiring and Retaining Highly Effective Employees.” To achieve this goal, the document explains that all of the school district’s employees will be trained in “civility, diversity, and inclusion.” The document further explained that the school district will “develop and implement a sustained onboarding plan for new employees that includes district expectations for safety, civility, diversity, and inclusion practices.”

Another of the superintendent’s goals is labeled “Communication and Engagement.” To achieve this goal, the document explained that the school district will “employ a survey that seeks to identify strategic priorities stakeholders believe should be considered in the development of a five-year strategic plan.” The school district will also “create a public-facing District Equity Scorecard and Dashboard that will examine gaps in student outcomes across student subgroups and inequities in access to instructional programs.”