Barrington Public Schools committee member accuses Israel of “genocide” on social media


On January 7, 2024, Legal Insurrection reported on antisemitic social media posts from Amanda Basse. She serves as a member of the School Committee at Barrington Public Schools and as an “advisory lead member” of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” for the district. The organization’s report came from a post on X from the group StopAntisemitism. The group showed posts that Amanda Basse made on Instagram attacking Israel, including accusing the nation of genocide. She created posts claiming:

  • “Jesus was Palestinian.”
  • “$3.8 billion are spent every year to supply Israel with weapons to murder Palestinians, as well as bombing homes and key infrastructure like the Rafah crossing. Per capita, $11.5 million of that money comes from Rhode Island.”
  • Repost: “You know who else weaponized their religion to dehumanize entire groups of Indigenous people, & justify their role in the violent ethnic cleansing and genocide of said people?”

StopAntisemitism then shared another post from Amanda Basse that claimed to be “not anti-semitic” but still be “anti-zionism, anti-colonizing, anti-occupation, anti-fascism, anti-dehumanization, anti-baby murdering, anti-civilian killing, anti-carpet bombing, anti-white phosphorus, anti-torture, anti-ethnic cleansing, anti-genocide, and no, its not that complicated.” This was in reference to Israel.