Anamosa Community School District signs contract with Panorama Education Inc. to conduct student surveys


On Nov. 1, 2021, Anamosa Community School District’s superintendent in Anamosa, Iowa, signed a one-year contract to pay Panorama Education Inc. $6,875 to conduct student surveys, according to a copy of the contract received by Parents Defending Education. While the dollar value of the contract is not high, Panorama often starts with smaller contracts and then expands its work after securing a foothold in a school district.

The Iowa school district will also receive Panorama’s services to conduct “Panorama Climate Surveys and SEL,” the acronym for “Social and Emotional Learning.” Panorama Education’s work with school districts has raised concerns in recent months as critics argue the company promotes content and teachings from the divisive ideology of critical race theory and critical gender theory.

Panorama has recently assisted schools in implementing “equity” initiatives through the company’s “Equity and Inclusion Survey.” A concerned resident sent Parents Defending Education the school district’s contract with Panorama.

Panorama Contract Details:

  • Anamosa Community School District pays Panorama $6,875 for one year of service.
  • School District receives “Panorama Climate Surveys and SEL: Platform License.”
    • This includes “student surveys,” “teacher/staff surveys,” “family surveys,” and “community surveys.”
  • School District receives a “project support package” from Panorama.
    • This includes a point of contact for technical support and guidance, unlimited email support for school and district personnel, and membership for Panorama’s client-only training sessions and webinars.
  • School District receives the “Foundations Package” for one virtual workshop from “Panorama’s core offerings menu.”