Albuquerque Public Schools promotes events for “National Day of Racial Healing;” organizers claim United States was founded on “genocide”


Albuquerque Public Schools is promoting online three days of events for the “National Day of Racial Healing” taking place on January 16, January 17, and January 21, 2024. The second day event occurring on January 17 includes a link to more about what participants can expect. The event is titled “Healing Together: Building Community Through Native + Black Storytelling” and is backed by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The page for the event claims that the United States was founded on “genocide.” The event page states:

The story of the United States is based in the painful legacy Indigenous genocide, settler colonialism, and the enslavement of African peoples. In order to truly heal the Earth and our communities, we must have the courage to be able to face our past, acknowledge the harm caused, and center the voices, experiences and wisdom of those most impacted by this legacy.

The page then adds: “We will be encouraged to confront our own biases and assumptions and to listen deeply to each other. We will also use our imaginations and resources to co-create a more equitable and inclusive future for all New Mexicans.”

One part of this event is described as a “playback theater performance.” It will “feature audience members’ stories of harm and healing” and will “center Native, Black, and Brown folks, giving white allies an opportunity to bear witness.”

The school district promotes the “National Day of Racial Healing.”
The event is backed by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.