Virginia Bureaucrats Map Out ‘Anti-Racist’ Reeducation Plan


On Thursday, parents in Fairfax County, Va., one of the country’s largest school districts, got a disturbing email. Superintendent Scott Brabrand said he is “revising” the district’s “Controversial Issues Policy,” which protects students from biased teaching, and developing a new “Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Education Curriculum Policy.”

As part of a “key strategy to achieve educational equity,” Brabrand said he is gathering “input” to “support more inclusive and equitable curriculum policies.” The survey asked parents loaded questions, such as whether they agree “anti-racist” and “anti-biased” curricula would best “support” students. It asked if they agree that the school district should “teach students how to challenge power and privilege in society.” And its many questions baited parents to spell out how important it is for staff to “discuss topics of race, racism, identity, bias” with students.

What Brabrand didn’t tell parents: the survey was just a pretense, according to documents we’ve unearthed.

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