Biden Admin Pushes Critical Race Theory in Public Schools


When President Biden signed an executive order on Inauguration Day calling for “an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda,” he signaled that his administration would embrace the education agenda of the race-obsessed world of radical “social justice” politics. We now see further evidence of the president’s intentions in the Department of Education’s proposal to funnel grants to schools that teach critical race theory. This pernicious theory analyzes every aspect of American society and history through the belief that racism has been, and remains, central to American life, all while peddling revolutionary Marxist philosophy.

This program would further degrade history instruction in our public schools — already so pitiful that just 51 percent of Americans can name our three branches of government and only 15 percent of eighth-graders are considered proficient in U.S. history. We have been failing our students for years, and these efforts by the Biden administration would only compound the damage by replacing what’s left of history and civics education with trendy, radical politics.

As a nation, we should rededicate ourselves to teaching the next generation our shared principles and heritage, the things that bind us together, make us Americans, and make our society unique in the world, and uniquely admirable.

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