That’s why we have created a checklist for all the parents to help you navigate this school year:

  1. If you haven’t already, find a parent group to join or re-connect with.
  2. Find out who it is that you send Public Records Requests to at your school district.
  3. Reviewyour district’s “Students Rights and Responsibilities” or “Code of Conduct” handbook.
  4. Find your opt out forms for Surveys and SEL.
  5. Know your rights! Get familiar with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment. 
  6. Questions for your district: 
  • What is the discipline policy? 
  • What is the gender support policy? 
  • What is the grading policy at your school? 
  • Many districts are beginning to implement “Grading for Equity.” 
  • Ask your district to share these policies with you and explain what they mean.

And lastly, plan to volunteer! The best way to know what is happening in your school is to be IN your school! Check with your school to determine the volunteering process.

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