Empower. Expose. Engage.

Excellent private schools exist throughout the country. But many private schools actively pay lip service to the ideals of a rigorous education and open inquiry, while the reality on the ground is often much different.

On paper, private schools promise to uphold intellectual diversity – yet all too frequently, they now implement progressive education policies in such areas as racial and gender instruction, in turn sacrificing the high-quality education that families expect.

Since private schools do not have open school board meetings and are not subject to public records requests like public schools, creating platforms where parents can share concerns about what is happening at their schools with the trustees, donors, and religious leaders charged with protecting these institutions and the children who attend them is essential. Websites, electronic newsletters and Facebook groups are just some ways to share information.

Below are some websites for private schools around the country that have strayed from their founding mission to educate children:

Forsyth Families – Forsyth School, St. Louis, MO

Forsyth Families’ mission is to expose the critical theory “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) ideology that has seeped into Forsyth School, the premier private elementary school in St. Louis.


Lovett Parents – Lovett School, Atlanta, GA

In March 2022, The Lovett School premiered a podcast to promote the school called “Living Lovett: Stories From the Riverbank.” The recent episode entitled “Where Has the Time Gone? Conversations…