Since the October 7th terrorist attacks on Israel, Parents Defending Education has UNCOVERED and EXPOSED 40+ examples of disturbing antisemitism in school districts across the country to demand accountability. 

Your gift today will help Parents Defending Education continue to EXPOSE and END ANTISEMITISM in our schools – like no other organization is doing. 

In this important fight, your support will have a direct impact on how many students and teachers Parents Defending Education can help support, as we work to: 

  • Investigate and report on direct classroom and school incidents of antisemitism – so K-12 students aren’t facing these challenges alone, 
  • Empower parents to speak out on this important issue, to hold their local school districts accountable, and to connect with lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to demand change, and 
  • When necessary, hold school districts accountable in court when they discriminate against Jewish students and/or create an unsafe learning environment for Jewish students. 

Please make your most generous gift right away to help Parents Defending Education continue to do everything we can to EXPOSE and END antisemitism in K-12 education. 

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